L2S IMO 2.0

Chat with your office colleagues
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Live2Support Inc

It's an intra-office messenger to chat with colleagues. Provides one-to-one and group messaging. An organizer with sticky notes and event alerts is included.

Instant Messaging
L2S-IMO is a user-friendly and economical communication software solution for your internal network. With Live2Support office Messenger your staff will able to send instant messages, can see availability of their co-workers in the contacts list, and send instant messages to selected people or a group of people.
One on One Communication
Live2Support Instant Messenger allows you and your peers to engage in a one on one text-based interaction in real time.
Group Message
Group messaging allows you to initiate a chat with more than one IMO member at same time and same message. The various respondents will not have access to each other’s chat messages. As the initiator of the chat interaction, however, you can communicate with all of them at same time in different window.
Sticky Notes for Colleague
You can even send a sticky note to your colleagues. The note will pop up on his or her desktop as soon as his or her IMO is synchronized. You can use this feature for leaving a reminder to your friends, co workers & family.
Event Reminder
Live2Support's Event Reminder allows you to create notes and make reminders for your valuable events. You can also review these reminders, add new Alert, edit the list and delete the task when it has been completed.

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